Location Scouting in the West Village with Dian

Taking a vacation from weddings, but never a vacation from photography! So amazed that I can connect with people like Dian on Instagram and use the canvas that is New York City as a backdrop.

Although we have a lot of mutual friends and grew up in the same city in the Philippines, I just saw glimpses of her through those mutual friends mentions or tags. This Thanksgiving week of mindless Instagram scrolling had me realize she was in the city, plus the fact that she has a Blair Waldorf-esque NYC style going that all the more I wanted to capture it.

It’s been a while since I’ve done non-wedding related work, so I find that when an opportunity to capture something else presents itself, I take it. It’s one of the ways I stay fresh in my work. I am less prone to getting burnt out by the same routine. It keeps me accountable for my business too. I’ve got a diverse portfolio allowing me to capture meaningful moments all-year round and not limiting myself.

People may read this and think, girl, focus on one thing at a time. But what you may not know is that I’m new. By new, I mean new to owning my own business & studio, but not new to photography, so I've already narrowed down my set of event types I cater to. By new I mean hungry, passionate, driven. By new I mean constantly looking for innovation on the client & creative side. By new I mean ready to explore different and interesting locations to photograph in; which leads us back to the point of why I like shooting my own projects.

This area in the West Village, for example, is a place I often walk by and my artistic radar just blares. Photograph here!!! Photograph here!!!!! But what am I going to do? Tell a bride and their whole party to have their wedding close to this location? No. And I’m not going to wait for the day a couple books me with a venue close by. At that point I just want to satisfy it the artistic radar blaring. Planning for personal shoots both satisfies my artistic urges and helps build up my knowledge of the best spots in an ever changing New York City.

More often than not, location scouting isn’t this excessive. It’s usually just me getting lost for a whole day with an Instax and iPhone in hand. It becomes excessive simply because I like making new friends on Instagram (sometimes IRL too). Beyond that though and truthfully speaking, having a person as a subject interacting with their surroundings makes for a more meaningful photo and that’s what The Adrianne Photo is all about!