First, how do I access my photos?

You will receive an email from  with a link called “View Gallery”. Upon reaching the website, it will prompt you for your email address. Enter your address and you’re in!

How do i select my favorites for album, prints, deliverables?

Once you’ve logged in with your email, you will see a star ★. Simply click on it to be added to your favorites.

You can also deselect your choices in case you made that selection by mistake or narrowing down your choices.

How do I download my photos?

First check to make sure digital downloads are included in your package (some of my packages do not offer them). If you have digitals in your package, you will be emailed the download code in the gallery invite email.

Then you can either download all of the photos or select a single one to download. To download a single photo, hover or click the photo. At the bottom of the photo, you will see a cloud with arrow pointing down. This is the download button. Click it and you will be prompted to input the PIN number. Once you’ve inputted the PIN, click Submit and the download process should begin right away.

Check your email inbox for the email containing the link to the .zip file to download your photos in large batches.

An email will be sent to you so you can batch download all your photos.

An email will be sent to you so you can batch download all your photos.

Okay. They are downloaded. What do I do now?

First things first. Back the images up! Put them onto a CD, DropBox, External Cloud Storage, etc. No matter what you do, back those puppies up!

Why do the images appear blurry?

It could have to do with you processing speed on your computer. Sometimes computers can’t read these really large images that fast, so just be a little patient.

Okay…my prints are super grainy. What is up with that?

This could be because a bunch of different issues, but most likely it is due to your printer compressing the image in order to print it. Please don’t print these at an instant print place like Wal-Mart or CVS. Those types of printers can’t handle the full resolution files. 

Why are the prints being resized when I print my photos?

Straight out of the camera, all images are sized for a 2:3 ratio, think 4×6, 8×12, 16×24, etc. When you choose a print like a 5×7 or 8×10, you are actually changing the ratio you want the image to print at. What this means to you is that people or parts of the image towards the ends of the frame can get cut out. If you are having issues, feel free to contact me and I can send you another file formatted for a certain ratio.

What is a mobile app and how do I get it?

A mobile app is simply a gallery stored on your phone that lets you show everyone your pictures. It is included in most of my wedding and portrait packages, but for my mini sessions, you will have to purchase it in order to get it.

Your pictures are stored on your Cell Phone and easily shareable to Facebook. For iPhones, this app works perfectly. I’ve heard of issues with LG phones, so check before you download.

Once you receive the confirmation email to download the app, open the email and click the “Install App” button. Then, follow the instructions on the webpage to download the app.

Why do my images appear grainy when I post to Facebook?

Facebook has some weird ways to compress their images and it causes them to look funny. If you plan on posting an image to Facebook that I haven’t already posted on my Business Facebook Page (link), contact me and I will happily resize the photo for you.

You can also share your image through ShootProof. Click the share button and it will share the image you selected with a link back to the album.

Why would I mark an image as favorite?

Marking favorites in ShootProof is a great tracking tool so that you can come back later and order prints or create an album, or your mobile app. I highly recommend utilizing it!


Why does my gallery have an expiration date?

Unfortunately, due to size restraints, I can’t leave your gallery up for all eternity. I give a large window that should be more than enough time to download, order prints, or share to social media. Need a little bit longer? Contact me and for a small charge, I can leave the photos up for longer.


Do you provide unedited images?

It is not industry standard to provide any kind of unedited, raw, negative files. Since it’s a popular question, I do provide clients the option to purchase unedited copies of the photos delivered for a fee of $200. Unedited images in the photo industry is called Digital Negative Proofs. Think back to how film photography was and you got the roll of film that has not been developed yet. The film negatives are in no way a representation of what the final product would look like, and this stands true for Digital Negatives as well nor are they ever provided to the client in full quality. In relation to that the photo proofing process just as well came long before online photo proofing tools showed up.

Originally proofing was done by either reviewing the film through magnifying tables or printing small scale samples (contact sheet) of all photos that were shot. After client has made their choice by reviewing the printed material, selected photographs were enlarged and printed in specialized labs - darkrooms - where technicians applied various techniques to enhance the photos. This was basically manual labor and getting things right required skills, time and resources (lab equipment, paper, chemicals etc.) and that is the exact reason why proofing process was involved as the first step- to avoid unnecessary costs and work.

Please familiarize yourself with your photographer’s style so you know what to expect for your own images. Digital Negative Proofs are not for the purpose of distribution, posting, sharing, manipulation of any kind. A separate contract agreement also needs to be signed before the digital negatives are provided to you.